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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
From you vids, you approach straight up the middle, same spin and pace as your groundies to groove your partner to hit a great passing shot.
Should be better if you changed the spin and speed, hit to a open corner deep, and then move to service line position to await the reply.
Yeah, I know what you mean but that's when I feel like a sitting duck at times The other
day I played a guy (a friend of mine) who used to be top junior and was in the same squad with Pat Rafter. This guy hasn't played tennis for a few years but about 2 years ago he got the bug and started playing again. He is younger than me but plays doubles competitively. (pity I can't have him as a hitting partner more often) I had a hit with him and boy didn't he improve from the last time I played him. His shots were so accurate and penetrating that I had to work really hard to create some winning chances. It feels very intense, playing somebody like that. So needless to say, if I just poked the ball in the corner and come to the service line I would get passed. The volley has to have some velocity to cause any harm against players like this. Anything they can get their hands on it, you are in trouble.
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