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Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
I think you'll find they're what the media business call "repeaters"... Those that don't generate any original news - rather they grab it from elsewhere. The info may well be generally right but some key details seem to be missing.

Here's the original mention of the timing of the match ending to the watch donning. > It's game, set and watch

Federer's deal, as I said, would not be as you put it a $15m deal for this year or for having won Wimbledon.

In the item I linked to it says: "The brand bought Federer's allegiance for almost £10 million in 2006 in what is thought to be the world's most lucrative watch deal ever signed by an athlete."

There's even this from Sportsbusiness Daily - an arguably (generally) reliable source of sporting business new - from back in 2006. > Big Time: Roger Federer Signs Ten-Year Deal With Rolex

"Tennis player Roger Federer has signed an endorsement deal with Rolex worth up to $15M over roughly ten years, which is “thought to be the most lucrative watch deal ever for an athlete,” according to a source cited by Daniel Kaplan of Sportsbusiness Journal."

I highlighted the quotes of each you should take note of. It might pay to read a little further than the first result in a google search if you want to find something worthy of quoting.
With all due respect mate... I read all of those.. the thing it was mentioned in 2012 that he inked a 15 million deal in 2012.. i thought like u in the beginning but then I wondered if he is still in the same deal why would he sign it again in 2012?? which then had me wondering if he was paid 15 million in 2012.. its anyone's guess really..

rolex being swiss company makes me want to believe they paid that much this year.. also the numbers would add up.. his earnings are around 55 million a year.. : 15 from nike, 15 from rolex, 1.5 from wilson, and others follow..
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