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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Chang may be overrated in some circles but he isnt overrated on that list. Can you name alot (or any) players who werent ranked above him by the TC list who should have been? Even Kafelnikov and Roddick (who I dont even agree with you are superior to Chang or Murray and who I think you drastically overrate, especialy Kafelnikov the worst 2 slam winner in history by far excluding Kriek) were ranked above him. It is pretty safe to say Chang is at worst a top 70 player all time, and Murray is definitely better than Chang. Sorry I think the idea Murray isnt a top 100 mens player of all time is laughable at this point, even for those who think he is weaker than people like Roddick and Kafelnikov, those people themselves are way inside the top 100 so it doesnt matter.
Hatred is blind. I wouldn't even try to argue with him, he is known for not liking Murray. Fate of using the same username on every website.

Even if Murray retired tomorrow he should still be included, he is in IMO the best one-slam-wonder there is. I guess you could make a case for Roddick, because he won more titles and was ranked #1, but then again, does that really make up for 3 Masters titles, a worse winning percentage and H2H records against all of his main rivals?

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