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Originally Posted by fed_is_GOD View Post
With all due respect mate... I read all of those.. the thing it was mentioned in 2012 that he inked a 15 million deal in 2012.. i thought like u in the beginning but then I wondered if he is still in the same deal why would he sign it again in 2012?? which then had me wondering if he was paid 15 million in 2012.. its anyone's guess really..

rolex being swiss company makes me want to believe they paid that much this year.. also the numbers would add up.. his earnings are around 55 million a year.. : 15 from nike, 15 from rolex, 1.5 from wilson, and others follow..
You don't need to say with all due respect... The item on Bobswatches is a classic "repeater" article. It's poorly written, with a number of odd grammatical errors - an obvious warning bell to anyone with above average comprehension skills. The headline is deliberately written to attract attention and then article says nothing of the sort.

Notwithstanding, the Bobswatches item DOES NOT say he signed a deal or a new deal with Rolex in 2012. It says "it was reported that Roger Federer is currently earning a $15 million endorsement deal from the Rolex Company".

If you disagree, please show me what part of that item implies or states outright that a new deal has been signed.

That wesbite, FYI, is little more than a blog loaded with repeated news (which is slightly edited to fool the search bots) for the purpose of raising its search rankings as a site for people selling Rolex watches. It suits their commercial purpose and nothing else. It's not a news site anymore than McDonald's is a cooking school.

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