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Originally Posted by akind View Post
Thanks to ruup2it for leading me to here.

I'm having a second thought of buying the new PS 85 now... the bad feel of the off centre hit slightly turns me off...
I wouldn't worry about that sort of thing Akind - having used these for a couple of weeks now I'd say the difference is negligible.

Most people who says things like frames are noticeably worse in off-centre hits are probably imagining or overthinking things - nothing a little weight on/near the PWS can't solve. Other than that > fantastic frames in-general... assuming you like this kind of frame that is.

They're not St Vincents but, from experience, 9 out of 10 people who talk about St Vincents being the "only PS85" worth hitting with couldn't tell the difference if their life depended on it. They want to be able to.
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