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Originally Posted by MonkeyBoy View Post
Okay, by the standards of professional tennis in general Roddick was consistent, but not in comparison to Murray. If I'm not mistaken Roddick never made more than 2 consecutive GS semi finals. Both Murray/Rod worked better on fast courts, but Murray has been much more successful at the French. He has a better direct HTH, and a WAY better HTH vs Federer.
I agree with most of your post, but I don't think comparing H2H's with one player (let alone Federer) adds much to the argument. Granted Murray is a better matchup for Federer than Roddick ever was, but Roddick faced prime Federer a lot more than Murray ever did. True, Federer's prime probably truly ended in 2010, but his best years in terms of playing ability were easily 2004-2007. Murray won the match in Cincinnati in 2006 yes, but the point still stands.

Besides, I could say that Roddick has a winning H2H with Djokovic and Murray doesn't. Both are in their primes I think you would agree, and it could be argued that Murray has blown some of the most recent matches he's had with Djokovic.
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