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Paper specs only take you so far. On paper the Pro Staff looked perfect me, especially the relatively low flex.

But the PS 95 includes Wilsons Ampli Feel tech. Inside the handle you'll find two metal shanks. The sheered off edges will be visible when you remove the cap. You may need to shove some foam aside to see the metal.

I sold my PS 95 when I began to wake up mornings with a stiff hand after hitting with it. It was so bad I couldn't close my hand and it was VERY painful.

I was very dissapointed as I loved the PS 95's spin, control, and precision. But that stupid Ampli Shock tech is bad for arm health imo.

Remember, increasing ball feel with stiff materials in the handle such as basalt and metal is the OPPOSITE of everything done with other techs/materials REDUCE shock and vibration (eg Wilson's excellent Shock Shield gel grip). Ampli Shock is a terrible mistake.
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