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Originally Posted by Crisp View Post
I think I have worked out my mgR/I correctly someone please advise if this is correct
Rack: pacific 90 stock
(.32x980.5x32.4)/517.92=MGR/I of 19.62

Can anyone confirm as I am terrible at math and have done my best with what I know or have picked up on the formula used to find mgr/I ???

Now how much weight will need to be added at 7" to get to 21? Can anyone help with this part??? Sorry to be such a pain. It's an interesting concept but I am having trouble following it.
The results are wrong! I'll assume your swingweight is 326, Mass is 340 grams, and balance is 32.4 cm.

With calculator, first do 20 times .34 times 32.4, then minus 34 because 100 times .34 is 34 , then simply add 326. Answer is 512.32

Now do .34 times 980.5 times 32.4 divided by 512.32. Answer is 21.08 So you are already within the optimal range !
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