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At the age of 14, before he attended the Sanchez-Casal Academy, Andy Murray chatted with Rafa Nadal at an international junior tournament. While Rafa (15 at the time) was practicing a lot and playing with Carlos Moya back in Mallorca, Murray (in his own admission) was playing about 4 hours per week. Sure, Murray upped the ante tremendously when he attended Sanchez-Casal, but to think that a kid 10-14 of age must dedicate their entire life to tennis is simply incorrect. If that child has the requisite talent to reach the top, they can get more serious later on and still fulfill their potential.
This is misleading. Maybe he was playing 4 hours a week at that particular time, but your making the assumption he only played 4 hours per week up to that point. He was certainly playing many more hours per week prior to 14. He won the Orange Bowl at 12. No way you do that on 4 hours per week, no matter how athletic you are.
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