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Originally Posted by gplracer View Post
Some of it is personality too. Some kids have the personality that they love doing the same thing over and over. They will hit against the wall for hours and think nothing of it. I think that helps with coordination but it has to come from within.
Originally Posted by v-verb View Post
Could also be genetic - the proper mix of fast twitch/slow switch muscle fibres for tennis, if that's ever been quantified
It's both. If you've ever been around top world class athletes, it's apparent they have it all - genetics, work ethic, talent, etc. If you're missing one ingredient, you can still go far, but not to the top.

To clarify, this is for an individual sport - tennis, track, swimming, etc. In a team sport, you can be a specialist - a kicker, a rebound specialist or three point specialist, a first baseman or pitcher, etc. and have crazy skills in one area, but maybe not be the best all around athlete.
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