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Default The fight goes on (and on) to save junior tennis...

Unimaginably, the fight goes on (and on) to save junior tennis… Don't know how many of you are following this most recent wave of activity - we've been somewhat silent because it's just too tiresome to fight battles that can't be won. Of course we've got our fingers crossed & we certainly hope for the best but we’ve had to move on in order to save our sanity!!

That said, PLEASE visit the ParentingAces blog (developed by one of our customer/friends) because this tennis mom is devoting loads of time & energy to fighting the good fight. She’s got the most up-to-date info re: the Listening Meetings (you know-the meetings where no one listens-GRRR) & she's got SPECIFIC NUMBERS and detailed explanations from TD Robert Sasseville that prove his closing statement: "While there may be argument over the exact percentages, there is no argument that the operative word for 2014 is REDUCTION."

Sooo sorry about the huge mess that junior tennis has become ... Most of all we're sorry for the hardworking young players.