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eman resu
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I'm curious too. I play with an Ozone Tour, but I'm considering getting something more powerful and lighter for my shoulder. (current racquet at 340g).
I have a great serve - flat, kick and slice -, but the effort I have to put to make it work for serve and volley is killing my shoulder. I know the ozone is soft, but maybe this softness is making me work too hard. Right now, as I recover my shoulder, I decided to play less and force less my game. I can do this with both my racquets (ozone and rok), but I guess I would miss some power.
In this case, would the PB4 or organix be a wise choice on the long run? The extra length is not a problem, I like it. On the other hand, I do like playing with heavy racquets, although I like playing the most.
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