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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
My point is that as mains in a hybrid, it is very comfortable and is a great buy if you want a control string.
That doesn't mean that the 4G is soft. It means that the nylon synthetic gut is soft.

4G is stiff, with very little give to it. After 15-20 hours of hitting with this string during the last couple of weeks, the sinews and tendons in my arm feel like chopped liver. This is a hard string on the arm.

And if a subjective view isn't enough, the TW stiffness data for the 17g shows that its stiffness is right up there (medium tension, medium swing speed):-

1. Sheep Micro 17 ------------ 168.0
2. Synthetic Gut 17 Duraflex
-- 192.6
ALU Power Rough 125/16L --- 218.3
Revenge 17 ---------------- 249.7
4G 17 ----------------------292.0

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