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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
That doesn't mean that the 4G is soft. It means that the nylon synthetic gut is soft.

4G is stiff, with very little give to it. After 15-20 hours of hitting with this string during the last couple of weeks, the sinews and tendons in my arm feel like chopped liver. This is a hard string on the arm.

And if a subjective view isn't enough, the TW stiffness data for the 17g shows that its stiffness is right up there (medium tension, medium swing speed):-

1. Sheep Micro 17 ------------ 168.0
2. Synthetic Gut 17 Duraflex
-- 192.6
Revenge 17 ---------------- 249.7
4G 17 ----------------------292.0
Frame is also a factor here.

I love 4G crosses in my 200 Tours with VS mains.

Hate it in my new Pure Storm GTs finding it uncomfortable but it is usable. Replaced it with PHT for the cross.

found it completely unusable in my 4D 200s even as a cross with VS mains. Very harsh in such a dense pattern / small head.
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