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Originally Posted by shaneno View Post
does anyone have a problem with the Amplifeel on the new Wilson BLX Six.One 95 16x18 Racquets 2012? Like wrist pain, hand pain, Or any other problems you had with the Amplifeel?
Yes, sold mine.

The idiots put metal shanks in the handle. My hand has never fully recovered.

Remove the butt cap, push any foam aside, and you'll see the machined ends of the metal shanks/bars.

It got so bad I couldn't close my hand on mornings after a hitting session with the PS 95. Never had that problem with other frame before or since the Pro Staff 95 2012. It's the ONLY frame that caused me so much grief. It felt good while hitting but the after effects were debilitating.
Only on Talk Tennis can you find people who believe
that 10 feet of lead tape has no effect on a frame...

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