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Originally Posted by rdis10093 View Post
4g is more stiff than revenge?
According to the TW data, yes.

It's a strange thing because when you actually hit with it, it doesn't feel too bad at all. But then after about a week's hitting, my forearm started feeling a bit 'hot' and the sinews a bit tender. Carried on into the 2nd week and the tissues in my arm were feeling like that had been beaten with one of those wooden steak mallets.

It's a string that I would describe as 'deceptively stiff'. Doesn't necessarily feel stiff when you hit with it (unlike say Solinco Tour Bite), but that stiffness catches up on you. Someone else on here said that they were icing on the way home after the 99S/4G playtest. My experiences weren't that extreme, but its certainly a string that's hard on the arm. I suspect that the string is dead after about 8 hours, but it doesn't give much indication that it's died because its already stiff, slightly dead feeling to begin with, and has pretty good tension maintenance so unlike other polys (which may show big tension loss, or lose alot of their original elasticity), its hard to detect when 4G has gone / is going dead.

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