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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
Dan, It's more than speculation. I cannot prove that there were some clay matches and you cannot disprove it. Both ways are possible.

We do know that H&R played about 25 matches in those years but we need the specification.

You only can claim a balance is a "lifetime balance" if you have the exact numbers. For instance Laver vs Rosewall: we don't have a sure lifetime balance yet. We have counted 75:62 or so matches. But it's possible that Old Man is right with his 99:83 balance. Maybe Old Man can say more about it. The 75:62 balance we should value as a provisional balance, not the sure lifetime balance.

You can't ignore that Rosewall gave that about 20:5 balance for 1961 to early 1963. It's worth to be detected...

Regarding the old pro scene we seldom have the exact hth balance of two players. See Nüsslein: we only know that he was 10:0 against Cochet but we only can estimate his balance against Tilden (possibly about 200:180) or against Vines (possibly about 25:45).

A serious writer would always add: "It's an approximate number, a rough hth".
We cannot accept ANY match as part of a lifetime head-to-head on a particular surface unless we know where and when it was played, and at least a hint of the surface. Anything less is too vague.
I was willing to allow POSSIBLE surfaces into my lists as "ASTERISKS" only, as part of a supplemental list. But even there, for example the 1963 and 1964 Cannes Indoor, do not appear to be clay events, as the building was a multi-purpose stadium, unlikely to house a clay court (which, as far as I know, are NOT portable surfaces).

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