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Originally Posted by sansaephanh View Post
I currently have a borrowed gamma x-2.

I feel that it's slow, clunky, and unstable.

I've read threads on everything between entry level drop weights to super 1500$ electronic machines. After doing so, I've come to a very simple conclusion. I'm looking for a nice, preferably used stringer for about 500$.

Someone is offering an Alpha Revo 4k for 500$, but I feel as if I can find a better deal if I look around.I'd prefer a automatic dropweight, but i doubt i can find one in my price range.

What would be some recommended models that you've seen used for fairly cheap.
i highly recommend getting something that's constant pull so auto dropweight is a great choice, but as you mentioned, you probably won't be able to find one in your price range. cranks are ok, but require more effort on your part to get consistent results unless you get a wise which adds more cost and is another thing that can break. (they do and when they do, you have to deal w/ herb which means spending more money and if you think a $30 starting clamp is so expensive just wait until you deal w/ herb. you'll have to pay for shipping to and from even if your wise is under warranty)

Originally Posted by sansaephanh View Post
And why are stringing accessories so expensive??? 30$ for a starting clamp? awls and pliers 20+? jeez this sport is expensive isnt it?
low volume specialized tools always cost more because the setup costs are spread out over fewer # of pieces. look at it this way. a starting clamp will last you forever unless you're stringing 10 frames everyday for 20 yrs.

for other tools like snips and pliers, just get them from your local home improvement store. i got a Stanley mini tool set for $10. it came w/ needle nose pliers, flat nose pliers, wire cutter, diagonal cutter and mini channel lock pliers. out of the set, i've been using the flat nose, needle nose pliers, and diagonal cutters for the past 2 yrs and they're still working great after almost 200 sticks.

the only specialized stringing tools i have are a couple of starting clamps, a few tennis awls, and a grommet grinder. haven't found a need for any other ones.

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