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Originally Posted by NadalDramaQueen View Post
It was a weak table tennis era. I remember reading about that somewhere. He was the only player to win major tournaments in both tennis and table tennis.

I actually think he would have more issues with his backhand than forehand. I think he would be able to get by with a forehand stroke that wasn't too different from the one he has now with a bit more drive through the strike zone. It would obviously be a bit less lethal from the baseline.

From my own experience, the most difficult thing I find about hitting modern strokes with wood is getting heavy top spin with my one handed backhand. I can adjust pretty quickly off the forehand side (and still hit with decent spin), but I have to make a much bigger adjustment off the backhand side.

I just don't find that you have to start hitting drives with a continental grip when you hit with wood.
You can't hit the heavily topspined sharp angled shots many of us can hit now with wood although you can hit some topspin. The racquets and string won't allow it with a few exceptions like a Laver and Borg. The racquets were also a lot heavier and it is tougher on the arm.

And yes I agree he would have problems with his backhand drive. It would be far more defensive than it is now. It's a major difference.
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