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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
Based on what?

First, in current grass I agree it is Federer.

Old grass, Laver sweeps them all, except maybe Tilden and, on peak play, Kramer , Budge and Hoad.He was even better than Borg and Sampras if one has to go by the records...

Federer style of play wouldn´t adapt to old grass, while many excelent grass courters like Kramer or Newcombe wouldn´t be as succesful as they were if they played in current grass.

BTW, Newcombe has faaaar more grass court titles than has some years, you know?
We just let the fans to decide. Okay?

You don't know that. Fed played serve/volley during his teen, and beat Sampras. There's no evidence to suggest that he can't adapt on fast grass, whether from the baseline or attacking style.
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