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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
Number of major titles won: Professionals were banned until the open era
Overall peformance at Grand Slam events: Professionals were banned until the open era
Player Ranking: No official rankings until 1973
Performance at ATP events: The ATP wasn't formed until 1972
Performance at Davis Cup events: The Davis Cup was amateur only until the open era, and amateur/freelance pro only until 1973

Not much of a criteria, is it?
Pro were banned from slam event but makeup for other events they played. TTC took Laver's 200 single titles into consideration, in case you didn't notice.

They are also aware of Laver's dominant years and knew he was the best player in those years, despite it wasn't from a future ATP system.

They also included Laver 69 GS and 62 GS(although lesser weight).

If you believe none of the above weren't taking into consideration, no way Laver makes the top 20, let alone #2 greatest of all time.
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