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Default Focus on Serve; 4.0-4.5 Player

Hi Everyone,

I a question I'm hoping someone else out there can help me answer. I am a solid 4.0, and I also play on the 4.5 level against many other 4.5 men/women. I can beat many 4.0s and some 4.5s. However, lately for some reason, I have been having issues on my service game. I don't double fault all that often (maybe 2-3 times tops in a match), but when I do, it's sometimes on a game/crucial point. It doesn't always happen every time I play, but it has been happening often lately for some reason. I know I have a strong serve and the people I play against often tell me they have a hard time returning my serve. I have been trying to focus on keeping a fluid motion no matter what, and keeping a consistent toss at 1 o'clock in front of me. Sometimes it will happen when I'm down 30-40 or 15-40. It usually only happens in one game out of the match, but I need to work on something crucial like this. With this exception, the rest of my strokes really keep me in the match. I mix up my shots with a variety of topspin and flat balls. I come in and I'm aggressive when I play. I'm able to get to many balls because I am fast and fit. I don't really feel any pressure when I play, I usually just go for my shots, and I love playing the game. However, I think I do feel some slight tension when I serve (because this issue has been happening lately), but I think I'm not sure if I'm actually trying too hard to focus on crucial points. I don't really feel the nerves as much as I do trying to focus. Has anyone had this happen to them, too? I know I have the correct service motion down, but it tends to be too "jerky" on some points. How can I help my focus to keep a fluid motion regardless?
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