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Originally Posted by T21D View Post
sports4eva115- looks good
thanks T21D! I'm surprised the red laces on the vapor 9's dont actually look too bad....

Originally Posted by Andyroo10567 View Post
Beautiful pictures up there sports4eva115....... Well. Time to go buy some matching elites for my shoes.
haha thanks andryoo! yeah I noticed how some of the elite 2.0's match the shoes I have so I decided to use a couple vouchers on them

Originally Posted by Irrelevant View Post
Anyone else with Elite 2.0s notice the materials are slightly different than from regular Elites? They almost feel like they're MORE soft and plus they don't get lint as easily as the regular ones.
hmm I wouldnt know, this is my first time buying elites (was not too impressed with the original elite's colorways, but the 2.0's blew my mind so I went all out haha!)
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