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Just sounds like normal tightness. What I would recommend is what I do on those big points that you're down: spin. I can't be sure, but I would imagine I hit my second serve with more RHS than my first but put most of it into spin. If you have a good second serve that doesn't let you down often, then go that route. Force the opponent to make a return instead of trying to force a weak return. When I play friendly matches, I tend not to do this because big serves under pressure are a good weapon, and it's good to practice that. However, if the match counts (even for family bragging rights ), then it's two second serves, one wide on the deuce court to make a sharper angle, and one up the middle on the ad court to have the ball dance away from their normal forehand. The wide serve on the ad court is my favorite first serve, but for seconds, I really need to get some RHS on it to make it as effective.
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