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Originally Posted by tistrapukcipeht View Post
Your lack of knowledge and information is equal of a 15 y.o that just started to watch F1.

Renault had a much better car and better tires (Michelin) for both years and Alonso won, in fact Schumacher didn't even contend for the title in 2005. Renault was far the best car of 2005 even won the Constructor Championship as well, Schumacher probably won 1 race, if much.

In 2006 if it wasn't for Schumacher Ferrari would have succumbed just like the prior season, and again Renault won both titles, i wonder why.

It doesn't matter the car, if Vettel wins 8 titles, wins 92 races, 68 poles, more hat tricks, more fastest laps and all other records, yes he will be the best ever, is sports who wins more is the best, that's that simple.
and how many titles did vettel win at torro rosso again in a newey-less car.
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