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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
Been using the Juice for about three weeks or so now. No issues, or not yet anyhow. Like Ducker in above post, I've been using APD Original before that and never had injury issues at all. It's when checking out other frames the sore wrist, arm trouble, etc would begin.
It's funny that, as I have been a PD user for 10 years, and we all know the label that sticks gets with so called "causes arm trouble" speak!, yet I have found it to be the most comfortable stick for me, and only when I let the better of the "you gotta do some more Demo's" voice get to me, and I start demo-ing do I start to really experience arm pain, and this has happened when I demoed so-called arm friendly sticks ie PK Ki5, K Blades, etc.! I think that Babs have unfairly received his reputation of causing arm pain personally, but I guess we all have our individual experiences
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