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Yeah and there's really talented players who haven't won an australian, a wimbledon, or a USO. Lendl never won a wimbledon, so does that take away from all of his accomplishments? Fed never won a calendar slam. And Rod Laver won just 11 slams compared to the others who have won more. Fed was considered the GOAT even before he won the french. And if he never won it, he would have just been in parallel territory with Pete. But pete has something that most guys don't which is the number 14. That is why he was in talks as the GOAT and obviously with all of fed's accomplishments, he's out. But he's still considered a "GOAT" as you would call it, but if you wanna be technical, you shouldn't be using GOAT is plural terms, just like how 110% does not exist but it used as an allusion.

Why do people here write threads like this? Rub your brain cells together before you want people to hear what you have to say.
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