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Originally Posted by tennis_pro View Post
Murray won't be ranked first even if he ties his career-best results in most of the tournaments. Why? Cause at best he'll be even with Djokovic on hard courts (talking about ranking points here/results) but fall behind on clay.

Or let's give it a second look. Murray is currently at 8000 points, Djokovic at almost 13000 which is a 5.000 difference. How on earth is Murray going to make up so much ground?
There's the concept of 'swing' mate. Let's say Murray wins the AO (he won't IMO but let's imagine he does), beating Noel in the semis. That 5000 point gap is down to 2600 - and we're only in January. Let's say Murray then wins IW - the gap is down to 1400.

Not saying it's going to happen - but it's not like it couldn't happen.
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