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Originally Posted by gavna View Post
Well they would dominate during the regular season - then once in he NCAA tourny run into a west coast team like USC, UCLA or Stamford and get their heads handed to them. You didn't have as much if any cross country travel and the Canes just ran through all the weaker east coast and southern teams.
This answer makes no sense. Their winning streak would come to an end every season under this scenario, and would never reach 157.

Originally Posted by gavna View Post
Well back then they played 6 singles and the 3 doubles with the first to 5 winning the meet. Singles played first then the dubs - Not sure exactly how many teams were invited to the championships in the spring but I'm sure it was around 12 to 16 teams based on conference champions (Southwest, Big Ten, PAC Ten....etc) back then Miami were independent and not affiliated with any Conf I believe.
Nope, that is not how they played back then in the NCAA tourney, nor would it help Miami run up a decade-long winning streak. Perhaps it is best not to answer if you don't know the answer, as it just confuses the issue.

As volstennis indicated, this was a dual-match winning streak, and the NCAA tournament was not based on dual matches in the 1955-1964 time frame.
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