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Originally Posted by 90's Clay View Post
Fed's been owned by his main rival his entire career on the big stage (How can you be a GOAT if you can't even handle your rival at the slams?)
For crying out loud - this is not a "strike against his name".. it has only become so by internet flacks and die-hard Nadal fans.

AGAIN, beating someone in itself means nothing in tennis. There is no trophy for beating any particular person, no award for it, no bonus points and there is certainly no head to head system factored into rankings, seedings, points etc.

The only thing other than performances at tournaments that matters in tennis is the ranking race. Neither depend one bit on any particular head to head. They never will.

Nadal plainly was a crap player outside of his favourite surface for years - a cunning detail which helped him face Federer again and again on his favourite surface. Off his favourite surface he regularly lost to chumps who usually couldn't even muster a set off Federer.
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