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Originally Posted by batz View Post
There's the concept of 'swing' mate. Let's say Murray wins the AO (he won't IMO but let's imagine he does), beating Noel in the semis. That 5000 point gap is down to 2600 - and we're only in January. Let's say Murray then wins IW - the gap is down to 1400.

Not saying it's going to happen - but it's not like it couldn't happen.
Theoretically I could be ranked no 1 by June 2013 if I won everything till then while the top 10 are plagued with injuries.

Now let me flip flop your post - what if Djokovic defended his AO crown, then regained his Dubai and Indian Wells titles while Murray, say, loses a heartbreaking AO final to Novak and his confidence bar reaches 0 %. Instead of a 5000 point difference we could see something like a 7.000-8000 gap.

During all those years stranger things have happened, f.e. looking at the rankings in May 2009 I would never have guessed that Fed was going to regain the no 1 spot in less than 2 months. And vice versa in mid 2010. But both Fed and Nads have proved over the years that they can sustain GOAT level long enough to be ranked no 1 while Murray plays in patches.
Just shows you how pointless H2H's are. Nadal beat Fed but in the end it meant jack, they both walked away with nothing. It's about winning titles.
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