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Originally Posted by tennis_pro View Post
Murray won't be ranked first even if he ties his career-best results in most of the tournaments. Why? Cause at best he'll be even with Djokovic on hard courts (talking about ranking points here/results) but fall behind on clay.

Or let's give it a second look. Murray is currently at 8000 points, Djokovic at almost 13000 which is a 5.000 difference. How on earth is Murray going to make up so much ground?
Djokovic loses in the QF of the Australian Open, Murray wins.
Djokovic - 11,280
Murray - 9,280

Murray wins Dubai.
Djokovic - 11,280
Murray - 9,480

Murray wins Indian Wells while Djokovic makes the SF.
Djokovic - 11,280
Murray - 10,470

Murray makes the QF of Rome while Djokovic withdraws.
Djokovic - 10,680
Murray - 10,660

Murray makes the SF at Roland Garros while Djokovic loses in the SF.
Murray - 11,020
Djokovic - 9,840.
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