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Man, you kids have a lot of time on your hands to think of these absurd scenarios. But I like how you took Nadal and you took something to debilitate what he would prefer, and you gave Muster something that he already does well and enjoys and you enhanced it. Muster wasn't known as a flat ball hitter. He loved to grind and to spin/loop the ball. He had a very heavy ball. Giving him poly giving him a pretty huge advantage. You could give nadal full gut and muster full gut and muster would win because you neutralized all of nadal's spin. The strings gives nadal a huge pleasure point in how he performs. Look at it this way, Nadal gets a beat down against fed almost every time at the World Tour Finals. Nadal does very poorly there because that court doesn't have the high bounce and is slowed down. So hen you give him those strings, you're basically glueing that court's attributes to that stick. No matter where he plays he's not going to get the type of spin or power that he needs out of polys. Talent alone wouldn't cover it or his grinding technique. You might be able to even serve and volley against him. He would also make more unforced errors because polys allow you to hit harder without the ball flying out. The gut was more sensitive (that's why it was routinely strung at such high tensions to control it) and gave a S/V more advantage than a baseline grinder. That's why the 80's and 90's (a time of serve/volley) was so dominate in that time. His technique and his racquet goes a long ways, but there's moments when he lost matches where he blamed that the string tension was too loose and was causing him to hit the ball out. He is big on strings. I don't think this is an even comparison, nor would muster need a big favor on his side if you debilitate nadal with one of his biggest aids. It's pretty simple.

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