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Originally Posted by COPEY View Post
Can't say I agree with the above, and I typically steer clear of these types of discussions since they're extremely subjective with multiple factors affecting longevity. I think Tourna Big Hitter is a great string, but there's no way it last longer than SPPP and Silverstring. Cyclone - I wouldn't argue that. If nothing else it's close, but certainly not the first two.

I think if you like SPPP and SS, you're pretty much maxed out as far as longevity is concerned. If you're paying for restrings, consider a stringer, then you can play with any string you want and not worry about longevity.
I know what you're saying and understand your sentiments but it really depends on one means by longevity of playability.

If by that you mean maintaining their original performance for a reasonable period of time, then I'd say that SPPP, Silverstring, and Tourna BHB7 actually all fall into that category. SPPP/Silversting (not very spinny, not very elastic, not much give) are really quite different playing strings to BHB7 (very spinny, very elastic) anyway, but they all last quite a while. SPPP/Silverstring maintain their original performance, but there's not arguably much performance to lose in the first place because they play differently to other (arguably better performing) polys.

In fact, BHB7 for a soft, spinny co-poly maintains a consistently high level of performance for a surprisingly long time. It maintains playability typically up to about 10-11 hours before going dead which is quite something. I get maybe 5-6 hours out of Black Magic for example, and maybe 6-7 hours max from BHBR16.

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