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Originally Posted by tennis_pro View Post
Theoretically I could be ranked no 1 by June 2013 if I won everything till then while the top 10 are plagued with injuries.

Now let me flip flop your post - what if Djokovic defended his AO crown, then regained his Dubai and Indian Wells titles while Murray, say, loses a heartbreaking AO final to Novak and his confidence bar reaches 0 %. Instead of a 5000 point difference we could see something like a 7.000-8000 gap.

During all those years stranger things have happened, f.e. looking at the rankings in May 2009 I would never have guessed that Fed was going to regain the no 1 spot in less than 2 months. And vice versa in mid 2010. But both Fed and Nads have proved over the years that they can sustain GOAT level long enough to be ranked no 1 while Murray plays in patches.
Theoretically you couldn't, because you don't have the ranking and wouldn't get the wildcards. That aside, I don't see how Murray winning AO and IW is comparable to you winning every tournament until next June and the rest of the top 10 being injured.

You asked how a 5000 point gap could be reduced and I showed you. You now seem to be arguing about a point I haven't made - that Murray will make number 1 next year. I have no idea whether he will or not - but I agree he will need to be more consistent outside of the slams if he is to do so.

He needs to combine his 09/10 non slam consistency with his 11/12 slam consistency - if that happens; then he has a genuine shot.
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