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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
His strokes are waaaay too weak to be competitive in 4.0, although it would work to just play at that level.
He can tell you the same thing.
Now if he adopted a pusher mentality, his strokes would be strong enough, but his strokes don't work with a pusher mentality because he's working on normal strokes, not just bunting the ball over and over.
Pushers don't win at 4.0 doubles and rarely at 3.5 doubles. Nor do players who blast from the baseline with beautiful form and no plan.

Since I have won a lot at 3.5, and enough at 4.0 that the computer put me there, I think I can speak from relevant experience. There is a difference between the pusher mentality and percentage tennis. There is a difference between a defensive stroke and the "chip and charge." Not to put myself anywhere near that level, but I suppose you would put Borg and Gilbert in the "pusher" catgory. Big mistake IMHO.

Anyway, if after all these years the OP's strokes are really that weak, then something else is going on. I've not seen his strokes, but my guess is he is changing too many things rather than getting good enough, and then getting consistent, strong and smart. It reminds me of golfers who tweak all their lives, barely break 90, then get old and die. They'll never be scratch golfers and it is a fool's errand to go about life trying to do so.

The time to get perfect is when you are 7-15. After that, you are just kidding yourself -- a great athlete can get very good, but innately great strokes are patterned early.

Now if the OP wants to attain beautiful strokes, then have at it. If he wants to move from 3.5 to 4.0 (thread title) at the age of 42 with presumably a full-time job, then he might just benefit from what I have to say. He is 6'1" and 180 so he might have the tools to develop bigger strokes than I could win with. But he does not have forever to do so.

I will be following this thread.

Good luck OP!
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