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Oddly enough, Tuilagi is one of my main issues with this side. There are some very promising wingers (cough *Sharples* cough), but no real point in picking them if they never get passed the ball. I think he's too predictable, taking the ball into contact every single time. I hope they can coach it out of him, because he's clearly one of the brightest talents.

Launchbury and the return of Wood were the finds for me this series. The dynamic of Launchbury reminded me of an era when Tim Rodber moved into the second row later in his England career, resulting in a front 4 and back 4. I can't decide if having him and Lawes in the same side would be too imbalanced, but I hope to find out!

I'd like to see Brown at 15 for the 6 Nations. I'm still not sold on Goode, and would place a fit Foden back above him.
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