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Originally Posted by Sabratha View Post
Djokovic loses in the QF of the Australian Open, Murray wins.
Djokovic - 11,280
Murray - 9,280

Murray wins Dubai.
Djokovic - 11,280
Murray - 9,480

Murray wins Indian Wells while Djokovic makes the SF.
Djokovic - 11,280
Murray - 10,470

Murray makes the QF of Rome while Djokovic withdraws.
Djokovic - 10,680
Murray - 10,660

Murray makes the SF at Roland Garros while Djokovic loses in the SF.
Murray - 11,020
Djokovic - 9,840.
This all seems like quite a stretch. Especially love the "Withdraws from Rome" part. I mean it could happen but it's still odds against it.

The big thing for Murray is, like with Federer last year, can Murray avoid a 2 an rivallry? If he is going up against Novak then he could be out of luck. But if Nadalor Federer can rob Novak of some titles, Murray could edge a 3 way split. Let's say he wins Wimledon and is holding 2 slams, well if Djokovic defends Australia and adds RG then Murray might still be chasing number one. However if the other 2 slams are split between Djokovic and Nadal/Federer or Djokovic fails to win a slam, then Murray's chances improve a lot.
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