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Originally Posted by TimothyO View Post
So you feel racquet specs are important enough to go through the time consuming effort to use TW's swing weight calculator.

What drives your interest in racquest specs? Why do you want to know yours?

In what manner do you use this information?

You say you posted in reply to questions from others. How might that information help them?
So you're looking for an argument, as pointless and irrelevant it is. Well good for you, but I choose not to entertain you.

You really don't read, do you? Why do I want to know my specs? I said in my post, so I can use them as a reference point should I need to make changes.

What drive my interest in racquet specs? Because I grew up playing with similarly spec'd racquets, how does that impact you?

Finally, did I point the readers to the specs listed? Did I say anything about my specs and injuries? Did I establish any relationships between my specs and injuries?
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