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When they missed their first kick at goal i was hopeful it would be a close game yesterday, just seemed like each of the 1st 15 wanted to get at them from the start and not let the A B's have a moment to settle which surely is the way we should be playing.
However, I never expected them to do that well.If nothing else it shows 2 things, one the players are starting to play well with each other and know their roles and two, the coaching decision was te correct one.I really hope that style of play can be continued to the 6N but I (as some of the others of you have said) am a little concerned by the centre pairing.It does seem out of balance bu we've been a bit short of having a settled balanced pair for a while haven't we.
I will confess to being a little concerned earlier in the autumn test series when being in another room to the TV heard the announcer Goode was starting, for a panic filled second i thought they meant the (ex?) Leicester player...
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