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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
Again, what does my desire to modify racquets to fit my preference have anything to do with injuries?
You claimed the op's injuries were not caused by the frame but by poor technique. In many other threads you've repeatedly denigrated those seeking advice about tennis HARDWARE in a forum dedicated to tennis HARDWARE telling them to improve their technique and not to worry about their hardware.

IMO There's a hardware-related playing experience continuum from extremely negative (to the point of causing injury) to extremely positive (to the point the player is truly free to focus on technique instead of fighting hardware ill-suited for his or her physique and abilities).

Clearly you sought a better playing experience by modifying your hardware. In other words, you felt the need to mod your hardware to push your playing experience towards the positive end of that spectrum.

In my own case any issue I had with hand pain correlated directy with my use of a frame incorporating Ampli-Feel. Use another frame, no pain. Use my frame with Ampli-Feel, pain. Others have reported similar experiences and yet you were so quick to dismiss THEIR negative experiences with hardware while ignoring your OWN negative experience with hardware.

You see, your experience with a stock Tour 90 was negative enough that you spent the time and money to make it more positive by modding it.

Or maybe you should follow your own advice, stop blaming the stock frame for your negative experience, stop wasting your time doing mods, and just use the stock frame and improve tour technique.
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