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Originally Posted by smoledman View Post
The GOAT thing(Open Era only) is fascinating because each of them have a significant hole in their CV.

Fed - failed to dominate Nadal
Sampras - failed to win FO
Borg - failed to win US Open and went 1-3 against Mac in GS
Nadal - failed to win YEC and post significant weeks at #1
I could be wrong, but aren't Nadal's weeks at number 1 similar to Borg's?.

Originally Posted by timnz View Post
There has never been a comparable situation in tennis history where the player in consideration has, the majority of time he has played his main rival, played on his weakest surface and his opponents strongest surface. This has created a very strange anomoly. That is why head to head should never be spoken of except referencing surface. Imagine what the borg/mcenroe head to head would have been if they had played the majority of their matches on clay? (Note: Federer leads Nadal 8 to 6 non-clay)
Which isn't dominance. Nadal's numbers against Fed on clay though, and overall, are.
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