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Originally Posted by Tennisstringz View Post
Play a ton between age 10 to 14-- 20 plus hours a week plus fitness. At age 15, if you're near the top of country, meaning blue chip in trn, consider continuing 20 plus hours as a homeschooled or academy high schooler. If youve got a big serve, it takes much less practice. If not, might as well back down to 10-12 hours a week of tennis, plus a couple for fitness and shoot for college only. Any more than that and you're wasting time that could been used on life skills. You can be a national player with 10-12 hrs a week practice, if by national you mean playing in USTA National Opens. If you mean winning Supernationals, you better give up your childhood to tennis.
Interesting post and perspective, it seems someone has been down the road. Not sure I agree with backing off just cause of a big serve, but thought your comment on life skills was insightful.
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