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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
What is a "quality" shot?
Is hit hard, forcing, and IN?
is it safe, pushing, and drives our opponent's nuts?
Is it within our limits?
Is it just beyond our normal limits?
And "don't worry about the score"....does that mean we play to hit.....or should we play to win...
I would say a quality shot is a shot that you can repeat quite consistently (not always- then it is too safe). so always use as much depth, spin and power as you can control but not more. over time those factors should gradually increase. swinging for the fences and occasionally hitting one is not quality shots (although many rec players tend to believe that their fluke shots are their normal level and they are just "off" 80% of the time they are playing.

I know a point always counts the same but I think if there is only a slight abberation from your goal in accuracy, power and spin (i.e. a close miss) it is still a quality shot (even if you miss 15 in a row to the same spot-that would be a great way to start since it is much easier to correct when you miss consistently only one way then if you are all over the place). but if you miss a mile or also miss another of your goals of power and spin (i.e just float it back) it is not a quality shot.
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