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So, I played a very strong 3.5 player today in singles (likely the last match of the season for me), and I played solid tennis, losing 3-6, 3-6. He's 7-1 (now 8-1) this season and hits strong, consistent shots. I was hitting well when I was in position (served well, too), but my feet felt gluey for some reason. (I tried bouncing around between points, but it didn't work.) So, I worked hard to keep hitting solid shots (to his backhand when I could) and keep my mental attitude focused and positive. We had several long rallies where the ball was going back and forth with pace or spin. (Both of us changed up the pace and shot types during our points.) He was just more consistent than I was. On another day, my slower-than-normal feet and the consequent occasional erratic shots would have really frustrated me and led to a bad loss, so my tough mental play was a victory in itself.

During the off-season, my three priorities will be 1) balancing power and consistency on my groundies, 2) better footwork all around, and 3) a more consistent return of serve.
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