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Originally Posted by FedererClone View Post
Interesting point retro... I do like the upper hoop properties of the TXE, but have since preferred hitting with the graphite edge special edition - at least of late. Will let you know my thoughts when the TXD arrives. Both contain twaran, correct? How about the edge special edition?
No, neither TXE nor TXD contain Twaron - it hadn't been released by manufacturer Enka BV to OEM's (such as Head) when the TXE and TXD were introduced in 1984. The TXE and TXE were available through 1985, and swept aside in 1986 for the Pro series "midplus" series, which averaged the headsize of the Director and Edge series. Twaron was incorporated in certain models for 1986-on (such as the TXP in the NA market, or the concurrent Prestige Pro for other markets).

As far as the Edge SE is concerned, I doubt it had Twaron in its layup, though chronologically it is possible (dating from 1987). The SE Edge was an odd racquet, but a good one. It seems as though Head decided to give the Edge series composite frame a proper plastic bumper guard, but the only one they had developed was for the 1984 TXE, which had a less dense string pattern than the "old" Graphite Edge. So it appears they used the TXE's drill pattern and grommets on the GE (for those who don't know, the TXE had a thinner beam section in plan view than the older "box beam" Graphite Edge). The last gasp of the Graphite Edge models was the 1988 Graphite Edge 2, again with the open string pattern and bumper used on the TXE and SE Edge.

FWIW, I think the TXE is the second best racquet Head has ever made.
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