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Originally Posted by AlfaAce View Post
WOW! Can't imagine what your tension loss must have been over 9-12 months regardless of the brand, gauge, or string. Curious... do you recall liking the way it played better when you first got it strung or right before the strings broke? What was your original tension (and what racquet to you play)?
Anyone that uses a string of any kind, any tension, any gauge and says it last them 9-12 months should please refrain from posting about strings here, and about string performance. Please spare us your input and non-relevant feedback. I'm sorry if that's harsh but we really need to start classifying here each posters level of play and frequency. I'm sorry but reading this is nauseating thinking someone may take this as quality info unless you are that players equal. I know I'm gonna get an earful but it's time we start classifying whose giving input here. I understand its an open forum but i still think quality or at least qualifying info should be top priority.
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