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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
Exaggeration much? Federer himself said in an interview with Sue Barker at 2008 Wimbledon that the mono had passed around late March? He admitted that he had missed some training, but said that the actual mono was over.
He also said he was fine at Wimbledon when he was beaten by Berdych... only to say later he'd been carrying a thigh strain or some such.

Having had family members and co-workers suffer from mono in the past I personally think it unlikely someone who'd had it from Dec into early Jan would be back at 100% in March. Some cases I've seen include a workmate who was off and on at work for a year - sometimes fine then not being able to make it to work for weeks at a time.

Regardless of what he may have told Barker we wont know if he was back to 100%. The fact remains on this topic - if Nadal fans want to play the injury card to explain poor results then they have to accept it being played on them too. Failure to do so is admission of blatant myopia.
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