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Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
I'm happy to accept that... but, on the same token are all the Nad-***** going to accept that Federer had almost an entire year affected by mono - which gifted Nadal the top ranking and a couple of majors?

I doubt it.
Not the same. I have actually no problem accepting Fed was having physical problems when he lost to Berdych in 2011, even though he wasn't really on his prime anymore while Nadal was in the matches we're talking about) and he lost in the quarters, not in the first week, and against a top 10 player.
He himself had said he was fine by the time of RG and Wimbledon in 2008 though. Plus, which two majors would he have gifted Nadal?. Let's not forget Nadal had showed he could very well beat him at Wimbeldon the year before...
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