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Originally Posted by defrule View Post
I think spin might have an effect but I could be wrong.

Imagine the court deforming downwards very slightly when the ball lands. This crater-like shape is no longer horizontal and the ball's spin would grab onto the side of the crater which is inclined upwards and accelerate it upwards.

I could be wrong but it seems to me that even average net clearance balls can be made to explode off the court.
Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
I think the explosion is a myth. It appears to be an explosion because the ball lands earlier than we expect and bounces higher than we expect.
Both correct, and both because there is a large amount of spin on the ball. This does not happen with a flat ball, so logic lets us deduce that the spin causes this effect. The mechanism that the spin makes happen is, IMO, irrelevant (increased incident angle, greater static friction on the court surface, etc.) since it doens't occur if the ball doesn't have RPMs on it.
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